Universal Travel Adapter, LENCENT Power Adapter with UK/USA/EU/AUS Worldwide Travel Plug, 2 USB Charging Ports International Wall Adapter for iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Tablets and More

$16.99 16.99

Whether you’re traveling outside the United Kingdom for business or pleasure, for most destinations, LENCENT worldwide universal all in one travel adapter would be the perfect choice to power up your gadgets!

Dual USB Charging ports

2 USB charging ports make it not only a travel adapter, but also a USB power plug charger for multiple devices charging, convenient and multifunctional.

Compact Design

This travel adaptor is compact and lightweight, so it fits easily in your luggage and slots into most outlets without any problems.

Covers 150 countries

Ideal for travel - International voltage compatibility and interchangeable UK/USA/EU/AUS plugs make this 4 USB charger converter ideal for travel.

US Adapter

America / Canada / Brazil / China / Japan / Mexico / Nicaragua / EI Salvador / Honduras / Nicaragua / Costa / Philippines / Thailand / Taiwan

UK Adapter

United Kingdom / United Arab Emirates / Hong Kong / Pakistan / Singapore

EU Adapter

German / French / Spain / Netherlands / Denmark / Norway / Poland / Portugal / Austria / Belgium / Sweden / Russia / South Korea / Algeria / Afghanistan / Argentina / Egypt / United Arab Emirates

AUS Adapter

Australia / New Zealand / Argentina / Fiji