Welcome to  LENCENT Store.

LENCENT is an exclusive brand owned by us, and focuses on providing solutions for better smart life. We provide furnishing products online for your home that are well made, well designed and affordably priced, saving you the hassle to shop in multiple retail stores. 

We don't chase trends. We only design, create and sell technology products that are timeless and easy to enhance the convenience of your life.

Mission Statement

Provide highest quality custom designed, using finest materials and latest technology, catering Direct users, OEM manufacturers, hospitality and other Industries.

Current Infrastructure

Currently using state of the art web to ship technology to achieve high productivity at lower cost. Engineering drawings are generated for each order for high accuracy and after review, orders are sent to production. We use European technology for seaming the stitching with waterproof tapes generally used only in heavy industrial applications. To ensure customization print are accurate and long lasting, we use latest UV LED technology to directly print on the material instead of generally uses screen printing. Final stitching is done by one of our almost 50 skilled staff using precision machines. We offer multiple tie down options to keep covers secure.

Our Vision

Made to your smart life by using latest technology. 

Core Values

Uncompromising adherence to quality;
Integrity and professionalism;
Exceptional customer service;
Absolute customer satisfaction;
Craving for perfection; and
Research and development
Multiple tie down options to keep covers secure

Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service will be happy to answer any inquiries
The customer service team from Laierert is dedicated to providing superior customer service and will be happy to answer any inquiries pertaining to the products we offer.



  • Company Name: Guangzhou Lansixun Keji Youxian Gongsi Ltd

  • Address: Room 1102, No 16 BaoNing Street, Tianhe District,Guangzhou 510520 China

  • Tel: +86(020)88522439

  • Email: support@lencent.info